simon at work

I’m a digital artist with a background in music and a strong preoccupation with games and play. My work incorporates hidden mechanisms, emergent behaviour, paradox, self-reference, inconsistency, abstract humour, absurdity and wonder. I make software which creates musical odysseys through exploring animated worlds and design games in which the players unwittingly become performers of bizarre and occasionally daft rites. I especially enjoy connecting these two worlds using technology.

Currently my favourite platforms are OpenFrameworks and SuperCollider, but I also work with pens, scissors, paper, cardboard, performers and the public. I recently won a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention for my work ‘Cube With Magic Ribbons’, completed a PhD on the topic of audio-visual codependency in music at Brunel University, and produced a self-performed multi-media opera at Borealis Festival Bergen with my performance trio Brainer.

Selected exhibitions and performances include:

Borealis Festival (Bergen) 2013, ICMC (Ljubljana) 2012, Hide and Seek Weekender 2012, SuperCollider Symposium 2012, Borealis Festival (Bergen) 2012, You Are Go (Berlin) 2011, NetAudio Festival 2011,IGFest 2011, Secret Garden Party 2010, Spitalfields Festival 2010, Sonica Festival (Ljubljana) 2011.